My credentials and a client list are available upon request. I have initiated, led and closed assignments in the following areas:

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  • Debt & Asset Recovery: Recent cases in Brazil and Indonesia where the bulk of certain loans had already been in default for a number of years and mostly been written off. The achieved recoveries resulted in sizeable net gains for the client, a large financial institution.

  • Asset recovery processes: As Chairman of the Board of ALMC, Reykjavik, I initiated and supervised a EUR 2 billion wind-down of Iceland's third largest financial institution

  • Debt Restructuring: during the 2015/16 HETA, Austria, EUR 9.9 billion debt restructuring, I was tactical advisor to the Ad Hoc Group of international bondholders. As a result of a lengthy process bondholders achieved a 100% recovery.

  • Interim Management: Between 2015-2016, I was CEO of DPI SA, Luxembourg, the sole shareholder of the German water pipe maker Duktus GmbH, Wetzlar. During my tenure, I prepared the company for a sales process and subsequently sold it to a Swiss strategic investor

  • Liquidator: Following the sale of Duktus GmbH, I was engaged as Liquidator and CEO of DPI SA, Luxembourg

  • Privatisation advice in Austria and CEE/EE/SEE: Between 1989 and 2005, I designed, supervised and executed large scale privatisation programs in Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Moldova, Poland & Romania

  • Design and management of media campaigns

  • Trust Services