Mission Statement

The financial sector has suffered many shocks since 2006; swiftly changing tax regulations and a substantial increase in the complexity of tax laws and transaction structures pose major challenges for institutions and businesses globally. As a result, the provision of financial services has been heavily impacted. A growing number of exploitative debtors seek to take advantage of their creditors by unfair means. Thus, the demand for expert strategic and tactical advice has risen considerably. Sharp analytical skills, perseverance, astute captainship but also the right amount of boldness and certainly the ability to think out of the box and implement unconventional solutions are essential to the high-grade execution of a mandate. It is a thorough application of these skills that makes the experienced external advisor an indispensable asset to any sophisticated financial operation today.

Requat Advisory & Consulting GmbH meets all of the above mentioned demands and provides both proficiency and inventiveness, informed by a lifetime of contacts with key local and international decision makers. My clients benefit from well-established global and local networks and decades of experience gathered in senior management positions. Passion for the subject matter and an unrelenting commitment to the client’s cause are some of the key qualities that have guided my work over the past thirty years. Through widespread travels I have come to cherish diversity; they have also made me well-versed in identifying culturally unique behaviors and overcoming challenges relating to difference.

I strongly believe that a client is only served well if the external advisor involved is confident to voice their views on how matters should be handled even if the proposed action plan involves unorthodox interpretations and solutions. Clients who confide in an outside advisor should benefit from their complete support and dedication rather than having to deal with firms or individuals hiding behind walls of pre-conditions and indemnity clauses.

When being invited to look at a new assignment, I spend considerable efforts to assess all related risks and possible scenarios. When first complications become apparent, I do not shy away from taking on a project, however. Challenges only strengthen my commitment. One of my key takeaways from past and ongoing mandates is that an exacting focus on deal discipline is a much more effective means of risk mitigation than the fine print often found in a mandate letter.