Mission Statement

Since 2006 the financial sector has suffered from many shocks to the overall system and from an ongoing onslaught of highly taxing regulations. The consequences of this turn of events are still strongly affecting the way financial services are now provided and result in a potential client base which finds itself more and more at a loss when looking for actually useful strategic or tactical advice.

Against this background Requat Advisory & Consulting GmbH provides selected services which enable clients to benefit from a global network of contacts to local and international decision makers, lessons learned during 30 years in which I held senior management positions, many actual transactions I worked on and the experience I gained during the course of widespread travels.

I strongly believe that a client is only served well if the involved external advisor is not afraid to voice his (or her) views on how matters should be handled even if this comes at the risk of presenting unorthodox interpretations and solutions. Clients who realize a need for an outside advisor should benefit from his or her support rather than having to deal with firms or individuals hiding behind a wall of pre-conditions and indemnity clauses.

When being invited to look at a new assignment I spend considerable efforts to assess all related risks but I do not shy away when first complications become apparent. To be effective an advisor must realize that coping with such challenges is one of the key - and sometimes the only - reasons to become involved in the first place. On the other hand, one of my key takeaways from past and ongoing mandates is that an exacting focus on deal discipline has proven is a much more effective remedy for such risks than the fine print often found in any sort of mandate letter.